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Learn to Fly

Experienced Instructors that Make Flying Fun

Thousands of hours of experience and a passion for flying


Aircraft Rental (wet) $130/hour

Instructor $40/hour

Our rates for Flight Training, Ground Instruction and Aircraft Rental Learning to fly is a blend of Ground Instruction and Flight Training. The ground portion of your training is every bit as important as your flight training. This time includes pre-flight briefing and objectives, planing and preparations and discussion of the lesson’s Plan Of Action.

Ground and Flight Instruction is billed at: $40.00 per hour Aircraft Rental is billed at: $130.00 per hour (WET – including fuel) The amount billed is payable at the end of each lesson unless other arrangements have been made with our Chief Instructor: Mike Matthews. We accept all major credit cards, checks with proper I.D. or cash. Cancelling a scheduled lesson Please give us 24 hour notification if you will not be able to attend a scheduled lesson. Charges may be billed on lessons cancelled with less than 24 hour notice. Please call your instructor when cancelling a scheduled lesson. Chronic cancellation of scheduled lessons may lead to termination of your flight training. We ask all of our students to be considerate of their fellow students and pilots when cancelling, arriving late to a scheduled lesson or, being late to return an aircraft. Thank you.

Marana Flight School Skidding / Sliding / Flat Spots on Tires

All pilots and student pilots are responsible for damage they cause to the tires of the school’s aircraft. Flat Spots on the tires require replacement. The pilot or student pilot will be billed for the removal and replacement cost of the damaged tire or tires. Please inspect the tires carefully before accepting the aircraft for flight. Students are not authorized to conduct Touch and Gos Student Pilots are limited to Stop and Gos or Taxi Back operations only. Touch and Go operations during Flight Reviews are at the instructor’s discretion.

Late and Cancelled Lessons Policies Procedures and Rates

Late Arrival by Students to Lessons To the greatest extent possible, we request our students to be on time and prepared for their scheduled lessons. We will make every effort to have the aircraft serviced and be ready to teach students at the scheduled time. A student that is late can severely impact other students training schedule. Your training time starts at the time you have scheduled. We request you arrive at that time. Chronically late students will be charged for their training time missed. At the instructor’s discretion, the flying portion of the lesson may be shortened or canceled.




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