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Learn to Fly

Step into a larger universe - Introductory Flight

Experience the world of aviation

Introductory Flight - $100
(Normal Rate $200)

Experience the world of aviation and take to the skies with an experienced instructor. The Discovery Flight experience at Marana Flight School allows you to see if being a pilot is for you at a discounted rate.

The instructor will take you through a preflight inspection of the aircraft, engine start and taxi procedures to the runway. You will be at the controls, under your instructor's supervision, and will be piloting the aircraft over the beautiful southern Arizona scenery.

Marana Flight School gives you a full hour of flight time where other schools give you only 30 minutes (which is hardly much time at all). The entire experience including preflight and a debriefing afterwards takes approximately two hours.

One Hour Introductory Flight     Call us today to schedule!




Marana Flight School - Marana Regional Airport - Marana, AZ
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