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Mike Matthews

Certified Flight Instructon
Instrument Flight Instructor
Commercial Flight Instructor
Instructor Flight Instructor
Instrument Instructor Flight Instructor
Hi Performance/Complex

Began flying in 1988. Started seriously working on ratings in 2000. Obtained commercian and instrument ratings and was lucky enough to get a job as a CFI. Worked 7 years at TAC as an instructor and when TAC closed, they asked him to start up his own school. Over 4,500 hours. 4,500 of which are instructor hours. CFI, CFII and can conduct any training including sport, private, high performance, complex, commercial, instrument. FAA FAAST representative and participating member of the FAA Wings program. Mountain flying. Flight reviews and instrument procedure checks. Mike is experienced in a large variety of aircraft.




Marana Flight School - Marana Regional Airport - Marana, AZ
Mike (520) 429-1232